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Designed to be installed on all types of excavators. Suitable for crushing rocks and hard surfaces including bitumen, asphalt and concrete. Typical applications range from trenching jobs to concrete profiling; from quarrying to underwater dredging; from foundations work to tunneling.

Drum Grinders are the solution for your next project involving trenching, general rock excavation, controlled demolition, scaling, profiling, soil remediation, frozen ground cutting, tunneling, rock dredging, and many other applications.

  • Available Sizes

    5-8 Tonne FAE RC45
    13-15 Tonne FAE RC90
    12-20 Tonne Antraquip AQ-3
  • What our customers use this for

    A Drum Grinder is the perfect attachment for jobs requiring accurate excavation of medium to hard fractured rock.

    It is ideal for trenching, profiling rock & cement walls, tunneling, quarrying, demolition, dredging and even underwater applications.

    They are also recommended for finishing operations, where high precision, minimum disturbance and optimum aesthetic results are required, and for use on sites with noise and vibration sensitivities


Drum Grinder

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