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Our range of Hydraulic Hammers for hire make demolition, mining, quarrying, site cuts or basement digs an easy job onsite. Our range of hammers for excavators fit the majority of excavator brands ranging from 1T to 70T.

  • Durable hammers reducing downtime on site.
  • Powerful hydraulic hammers to get through your job quicker.
  • Available with auto greasing system.
  • Available for instant hire
  • Available Sizes

    1 - 1.8 Tonne Excavators 30mm Pins
    2.5 - 3 Tonne Excavators 30mm
    3.5 Tonne Excavators 35mm and 40mm Pins
    4.5 - 5.5 Tonne Excavators 45mm Pins
    8 - 10 Tonne Excavators 50mm Pins
    13 - 15 Tonne Excavators 60mm and 65mm Pins
    20 - 25 Tonne Excavators 80mm Pins
    30 - 35 Tonne Excavators 90mm and 100mm Pins
    40 - 70 Tonne Excavators 100mm and 110mm Pins
  • What are Excavator Rock Breakers are used for?

    Perfect for demolishing light concrete structures and asphalt pavements, both indoors and outdoors, performing earthworks, scaling in underground operations and cleaning ladles and coverts in foundries.

    Our Heavy Breakers are highly adapted for primary blast-free rock excavation and secondary rock breaking on construction sites and in quarries, surface and underground mines as well as primary demolition of massive reinforced concrete structures.


Hydraulic Hammer

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