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Digga’s heavy duty 72” Rotary Axe is the ultimate attachment for clearing & shredding thick bush & scrub. Working in conjunction with the heavy duty push bar, the front hood opens up exposing the ¾” blades past the guards, enabling close up axe-like cuts to remove trees up to 7” (180mm) in diameter.

For the ultimate in clearing, carbide teeth have been added to the spinning disc to effectively remove stumps and create a clear path. The Rotary Axe boasts a world leading design as well as quality construction for increased productivity, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

  • Specifications

    Machine Suitability Multifit High Flow Skid Steer Loaders
    Cutting Width 1829 mm
    Min., Cutting Height 80 mm
    Min. Stump Grinding Height 10 mm
    Max. Cutting Capacity (Tree Diameter) 170 mm
    Deck Thickness 6 mm
    Maximum Pressure 275 Bar
    Recommended Flow 115-170 lpm
    Skid Steer Lift Capacity (min) 1000 kg
    Blade Thickness 20 mm
    Width (Overall) 1966 mm
    Length (Overall) 2174 mm
    Height (Overall) 715 mm
    Weight 911 kg
  • Ideal Use

    A Rotary Axe is used for vegetation clearing, preparing sites for construction projects, clearing trails, scrub and undergrowth as well as shredding branches and saplings. it is ideal for cleaning up fire breaks, clearing orchards, lease reclamations, or fence line maintenance.


Rotary Axe

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