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Our Rock Augers come with tapered tungsten teeth, which are designed for drilling in earth, shale, asphalt, permafrost and very hard Fracturable rock.

  • Available Sizes

    65mm Round Shaft 225mm to 900mm
    75mm Square Shaft 300mm to 1200mm
    100mm Square Shaft 450mm to 900mm
    Adaptors Available
  • What our customer use this for

    Focus Machinery hire a range of augers for all ground conditions. Whether you’re drilling in soft earth or clay or heavy rock, Focus Machinery has the right tool so you can get the job done.

    Focus Machinery dedicated rock augers (DR) require constant maintenance to remain effective. The teeth must be free to rotate inside the pocket. Teeth that stop rotating will be inefficient and wear out faster causing damage to the tooth pockets and flights.

    Tips when drilling in rock

    When drilling in rock for extended periods of time air is trapped in the hole creating an “oven”. This can cause the face of the rock to glaze over and become even harder. For this reason, you should stop drilling and allow fresh air back in the hole approximately every 5 minutes.

    As you stop drilling, bring the auger to the surface and allow fresh air back down the hole. Remove any spoil from the auger and inspect the teeth and pilot for wear and that they can turn freely in their pocket.


Rock Augers

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