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Mini excavators are perfect for tight job sites. Mini excavators have the ability to manoeuvre in small spaces for many jobs such as digging trenches for pipes, digging holes and most landscaping applications.

  • Dimensions

    Overall Length 2470-2600mm
    Overall Height 2200-2300mm
    Operating Weight 1035-1065kg
    Width 680mm (Retracted) / 840mm (Extended)
    Dig Depth 1500mm
  • Compatible Attachments

    Auger Drive Hydraulic Hammer
    Sieve Bucket 5 Finger Grab
    Hole Cleaner Sleeper Grab
  • What our customers use this for

    Most mini excavators feature a zero or near-zero tail swing, this allows the operator to use them comfortably around smaller job sites. Mini Excavator hire is perfect for job sites with underground pipes or gas lines, mini excavator hire allows for greater precision than larger equipment.

    Another benefit of mini excavators is that they are extremely easy to transport as they allow the possibility to use a trailer. They also require a lot less fuel than that of the large excavators. However, because of their light weight and limited power mini excavators are not as efficient as the larger excavators.


0.8T Excavator

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