Low Houred Excavators for Hire

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Standard Excavators are still easily maneuverable and significantly increase the productivity on the job site. These sized machines are most commonly seen on commercial construction sites. They also allow the operator to use a larger range of attachments to customise their machine to suit the needs of the job.

  • Range

    Yanmar SV100
    Cat 308 Available with GPS, Height and Slew, Tilt Hitch
    Komatsu PC88 Available with tilt hitch
  • Compatible Attachments

    Hydraulic Hammer Auger Drive
    Bucket Grab 5 Finger Grab
    Flip Screen Compaction
    Sieve Bucket Tilt Bucket
    Drum Grinder Cutter Crusher
    Compaction Plate Mulcher
    Sleeper Grab Core Barrel
  • What our customers use this for

    Standard sized excavators are extremely versatile and a most common among commercial construction projects. They provide enough power and lifting capacity to handle a large variety of tough jobs. Many hydraulic standard machines provide the ability to use a range of attachments, allowing for specialist contractors to customize their excavator to suit the job at hand.

    Standard excavators are a little harder to manoeuvre around site but they offer a significant increase in productivity compared to the mini excavators.  However, these larger machines do have the ability to damage the surfaces like top soil or finished sites. dependent of the dimensions these excavators may also provide a challenge when operating in tighter spaces.


10T Excavator

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