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At Focus Machinery most of our customers have their own equipment, so why would they hire extra equipment? Here are some common reasons hiring additional equipment is a great way to complement your existing fleet, get jobs done quicker and keep customers coming back to you.

    1. Always have the right machine for the job. Whether it is an 800kg excavator to get through a narrow doorway, a 14T Offset Boom excavator to dig out a tight basement.
    2. Why do a job with a 3.5T Excavator and take 5 days when you can smash it out with a 20T Excavator in 2 days? Get the job done quickly and move onto your next project.
    3. Has your machine booked in for repairs or a service and need to keep working? If you need a 1.7T excavator or a 25T excavator, we can help.
    4. Quoted several jobs and they earthworks are all starting at once? Hire additional equipment to keep your customers happy and projects on schedule.
    5. Have a 3-month project but can’t justify taking a 5-year lease on a new machine? Get excellent long-term rates and hire to buy options if the project goes longer than expected.

6. Doing a project on a commercial site and require up to date equipment that meet the most stringent site requirements. Our fleet is fully set up for the strictest sites.

Specialist Excavator Dry Hire

Over the last few years Focus Machinery has become known for offering unique attachments and equipment. We are continuing to grow our range of specialist equipment to ensure our customers can confidently take on any project and know they can access the equipment to get it completed as soon as possible. Recently we have added some interesting equipment to our fleet and will continue to add more in the future;

  1. Offset Boom Excavators 8T & 14T
  2. Reduced radius large excavators 14T & 25T
  3. Rubber track pads Large excavators 14T & 25T
  4. Height & slew limited equipment (will soon be available for most sizes)
  5. GPS Machine control
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