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At Focus Machinery we have a wide range of Posi Tracks packed with powerful features. Our extensive range starts at 30 and reaches up to 100 horse power. Again, we have made sure that our machines are 100% site compliant and ready to be delivered to any site throughout Victoria.

Handy Tip.
Posi Tracks are the perfect machine to hire for a job that is confined to small areas and has limited access. Due to the machine being smaller to an excavator the Posi track can maneuver through someone’s back yard and due to the low amount of ground pressure it even allows you access areas with sensitive surfaces. Perfect for winter!!!!

Did you know the added benefits of using track-based loaders. Not only does the low ground pressure mean that there is less disturbance to the ground the tracks also provide a smoother ride for the driver. Tracks also provide added grip on slippery slopes, which comes in perfectly for those wet months.

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