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At Focus Machinery we try to cater to every need our clients could have. That is why we have currently have 2 tonne tip trucks and 6 tonne tip trucks in our fleet available for both short and long term hire.

Handy Tip.
Next time your digging for a pool. Think about what your going to do with the soil. At focus machinery you can kill two birds with one stone. Hire a machine or attachment with a tip truck! You’re problem of not knowing what to do with the dirt is gone.

Did you Know?
Did you know that we sell attachments as well? We have over 400 attachments as part of our hire fleet, but we also have second hand and new attachments for sale. Purchasing is targeted at our customers who might have their own machines but need another bucket or a new trencher for the job they have just started. Our range of attachments for both excavators and skid steers can be found on our website.

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