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In our hire auger range we offer 3 different types.

Earth Augers – Designed to drill holes in light earth conditions and clay. Numerous teeth options are available for most ground conditions.

Rock Combo Augers – Designed for drilling in earth, shale, asphalt, permafrost and fracturable rock.

Dedicated Rock Auger –  Designed for drilling from soft fracturable rock to very hard rock.

  • Available Sizes

    65mm Round General 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm
    65mm Round Rock Combo 225mm, 350mm, 450mm, 600mm, 900mm
    75mm Square General 225mm, 300mm, 350mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
    75mm Square Rock Combo 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
    75mm Square Dedicated Rock 350mm, 450mm, 600mm
    100mm Square Dedicated Rock 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm
  • What our customer use this for

    • A4 65mm Round Augers – The A4 series of augers are designed to suit machines from 700kg – 5 Tonne. Focus Machinery houses both general and rock combo augers within this series. Standard A4 Earth augers are suitable for light earth and clay, whereas the Rock Combo Augers are designed to make easy work out of earth, shale, asphalt, permafrost and light fracturable rock.
    • A8 75mm Square Augers – The A8 series auger are suited for backhoes, excavators and other machines up to 30 tonne Focus Machinery houses General, Rock Combo and Dedicated Rock Augers for this series. Standard A8 Earth Augers are used for light earth and clay where as the Rock Combo Augers are designed to deal with earth, shale, asphalt, permafrost and light fracturable rock. Dedicated Rock Augers are designed for Fracturable rock through to tough basalt.
    • A11 100mm Square Augers – The A11 Series augers suit Backhoes, Excavators, large Telehandlers, and machines up to 50t. For efficient drilling, we designed effective auger cutting heads, so depending on ground conditions, you can choose between a tapered cutting head, or rotating rock picks. For extra length, we also have a full range of auger extensions
  • Which Auger should I use?

    When drilling in different ground conditions you need the right speed and the right cutting system on the auger to suit the different ground conditions. So which auger should you choose for your application? For efficient drilling on any machine requires power (torque) and down pressure.
    Focus Machinery have both Digga and Tebco augers in the hire fleet which perform better at an optimal RPM against the ground conditions they are against. Similarly the auger diameter will perform better at certain speeds. For example: the larger the hole and harder the ground conditions, the slower you will need to drill. The smaller the hole and softer the ground conditions, then more speed is required.
    As a general rule we recommend the following RPM/speeds:
    • 55-65 RPM for general earth conditions.
    • 45-55 RPM when drilling in heavy earth, clay or shale.
    • 20-45 RPM when drilling in rock.
    Results will depend on rock hardness, type of auger being used and machine down force.

    Earth, Clay and Shale

    When ‘general purpose’ earth drilling you can drill faster. The Earth range of augers will be ideal here. These augers are also better for clay as the bladed teeth ‘shaves’ the spoil a layer at a time. Like scraping butter with a knife.

    Heavy Earth, Chalky Rocks

    In heavy earth, clay*, soft chalky rocks you want an auger with tapered teeth. Focus Machinery Rock Combo range of augers is the ultimate all performance auger and will cut cleanly into earth and chalky rocks. The teeth are tapered to be able to rip the fracturable rocky/earthy ground. *Please note, this range is not ideal for drilling in clay with smaller machines 4 tonne and under.

    Hard Rock, Concrete Hard Shale

    When drilling into rock you are going to be most effective at a slower speed with a greater amount of power. Too much speed creates too much heat and will actually ‘polish’ the rock smooth rather than chipping away at it. Too much speed will also cause the teeth to skip across the top of the rock and it will not be able to pick and rip into the rock to break it out.



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